5 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Lash Therapy

5 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Lash Therapy

While we could count up about a hundred reasons why our customers *LOVE* Lash Therapy, here are the top five reasons we hear over and over!

1. Lash Therapy is better than extensions

We all love the flutter that extensions give your lashes…that extra va-va-voom can give a nice confidence boost. But extensions come with some major drawbacks:

Do extensions damage your lashes?
YES! Your lashes take a beating from using extensions, they can cause frequent breakage as well as additional lash loss before the lash is ready to shed naturally.

Are extensions expensive? 
YES! The cost to get and upkeep your extensions can really add up over the course of a year. Try a lash serum instead to spend that money on whatever you want!

Do I need strong natural lashes to wear extensions? 
YES! The stronger your natural lashes are (read: longer and thicker and healthier), the better the extensions will stay put on your pretty little lids.

Does Lash Therapy lash conditioner work with extensions? 
YES! Lash Therapy is water soluble, meaning that is safe to use with all types of extensions. 

2. 60 days to fuller looking lashes

Our 60 day guarantee means you can try Lash Therapy risk-free. Grow naturally long lashes after two months of consistent use, or we will give you your money back on your first order. Some customers swear they even see results after one or two weeks! (Say whaaat?!) While we can’t promise everyone will notice a difference so quickly, we stand behind our results. The unique formulation means your lashes get conditioned and you get to rake in compliments. Everyone from the coffee barista to your dental hygienist will be wondering where you got your lashes done. Surprise! No extensions here! 

Woman applying lash serum to her lashes

3. Our promise

Saying “Hello” means saying goodbye to unhealthy additives. Every single one of our products is vegan friendly, cruelty free, phosphate free, silicone free, sulfate free, and paraben free. Looking for a vegan lash serum? Want to make sure that you choose a cruelty free lash serum? You found it. We take time to choose and source everything that goes into our products to make sure that the best eyelash serum doesn’t have anything yucky in it.

You never have to worry about the ingredients being good for your lashes! We’ve taken great care in choosing the right ingredients to give your lashes the most nutrients and conditioning you could ever ask for.


4. Is lash serum easy to apply?

Absolutely. Our lash conditioning serum goes right on your lash line, exactly where you’d put liquid eyeliner. Except our eyelash serum is clear, so no need to worry about making the wings even! ;) We recommend putting it next to your toothbrush so you remember to apply it after you brush your teeth every night.
Lash Therapy is so easy to use , giving you an at-home alterative to costly and time-consuming beauty routines.

is lash serum easy to apply?


5. Our results

The reviews don’t lie! We have more than 5,000 reviews from women worldwide raving about their lash results. Don’t believe us? Well, you can believe them! We always love seeing an incredible lash serum before and after comparison and we can’t wait to see yours.

Because we never, ever cut corners with our testing and formulation, you can rest assured that your lashes will love Lash Therapy!


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