How to Choose a Vitamin C Serum

How to Choose a Vitamin C Serum

There are so many different skincare solutions available that it’s easy to end up with shelves full of serums, cleansers, moisturizers, creams, and masques that you’ve used, what, maybe twice? 

Let’s face it: things would be a lot simpler if there were one miracle product that could just do it all. All the moisturizing, cleansing, and wrinkle reducing power you need in one bottle? Okay, well we haven’t formulated that magic product quite yet. But you know we will be shouting from the rooftops when we do! 

However…choosing the right serum can go a long way in getting you the skin you dream of. 

The Super Serums from Hello Skincare are called super for a reason. They work overtime to offer multiple solutions in little bottles. Using the C-Juvenate Vitamin C Super Serum in the morning might just boot your other serums off the shelf. There’s no need to use a separate vitamin c serum, ceramide complex, and hyaluronic acid serum when just one will do the trick. 

Here are 5 things to look for when choosing a vitamin c serum: 

  1. Skin serum that targets more than one issue

    • Look at what the vitamin c serum claims to offer for results. Is it one benefit, like brighter skin? Or does it claim to help with multiple pain points, like tone, wrinkles, and protection? Opt to find a solution that will give your skin more than just a single benefit! 
  2. Balance of moisturizing ingredients and peptides

    • Ingredients matter so much, especially with what you put on your face! When you’re looking at ingredients, search for a vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid, as well as ingredients like ferulic acid, purslane, and a decent amount of vitamin c. (We recommend 3-5% vitamin c; too much vitamin c can actually cause blackheads and buildup!)
  3. Skin serum that is cruelty free

    • There are just too many good serums out there that are cruelty free to choose one that doesn’t proclaim to be so. Protect all our beautiful animals and still have beautiful skin…this one is a no brainer but still so important to remember! 
  4. Vitamin C serum that protects against free radicals

    • Many face serums claim to reverse damage from the sun and reduce wrinkles, but some serums also help protect your skin throughout the day against whatever comes its way.
  5. A serum that uses ingredients from both nature and science 

    • The serums you find at your favorite med spa may be crammed with too many hard to pronounce mysterious scientific ingredients that take hours to google and research. Then on the other side of the spectrum, the fully natural serums may not be as effective! Find a middle ground with a serum that uses solutions from science as well as soothing and balancing ingredients from nature to maximize your results and have peace of mind about what you’re putting on your face.

Pro tip! Always remember to apply your serum on damp skin and follow up your vitamin c serum application with a moisturizer to help lock in the moisturizing and protective properties of the face serum. 

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