Why I Stopped Getting Extensions

Why I Stopped Getting Extensions

Extensions have become more and more common over the past few years…anyone else feel like they are available at every salon nowadays?? Then there’s the at-home options, which I honestly don’t even want to mess with.

While these falsie solutions seem to work well for a lot of women and definitely give an impressive flutter, the cost and the time commitment of keeping up with lash extensions were just too much for me. Plus, they were damaging my actual lashes.

After my initial extension appointment, which took about 2 hours and cost me $200, I was revisiting the salon every 3 weeks to get my lashes filled. These follow-up appointments cost me about $70 each. Lash extensions were not only a huge investment of money, but also time. And after a couple of months of upkeep, I noticed my natural lashes had really taken a hit.

Eyelash extensions caused my lashes to be sparse and stubby. You could barely see my natural lashes even with mascara on! Which, of course, just made me want to get more extensions…and around and around we went.

Finally, I decided to begin my hunt for a lash serum that actually works. 

I tried a couple of big name serums, but two other lash serums made my eyes itchy and my eyelids red. 

Enter Lash Therapy!

Back in 2020, my bff told me about Lash Therapy and said she had luck with growing out her natural lashes. I decided to give it a go, despite having a reaction from another brand. The 60 day guarantee from Hello Skincare gave me peace of mind and I decided to invest in a lash serum instead of more extensions.

Over the course of 2 to 3 months, my stubby lashes started to grow and fill in, until the damage from the extensions was barely noticeable. Finally, my natural lashes looked better than they have ever looked. I’m so thankful to have found a lash serum so I can officially say goodbye to falsies and hello to long, natural lashes.

Applying a lash serum just takes one swipe on my eyelids every night, versus the hours I was spending at a salon to keep up with my extensions. Looking back, I am not even sure how I ever found the time to get extensions for those few months. But honestly the cost is the biggest advantage. A six month supply of Lash Therapy cost just $108.80 when you snag the subscription option. 

When I had falsies, I got the occasional compliment. But (let’s be honest), everyone knew they weren’t my real lashes! Since I started using a lash serum, friends and strangers and even my dental hygienist ASK me, “are those your real lashes???” To which I can happily tell them, “YES!” Best. Compliment. Ever.

Whether you’ve tried extensions or not, and whether you’ve tried a lash serum or not, you should definitely check out Lash Therapy!


Pro tip: Lash Therapy is safe to use with extensions. Because it’s water-based, it won’t impact the effectiveness of adhesion. So, you can use Lash Therapy to build up your natural lashes and protect from the damage of extensions.

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